Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Soul Food by Alex Dinser





Psychic Intuition.


These things feed my soul.

Without them I feel out of control.


Art is my greens,

while music is my black-eyed peas.


Astrology is my soul kitchen,

and then there’s psychic intuition.


Things ingrained within me.

Feelings compelled into motion.


I am Aquarius.

I am an artist.

I am a writer.

I am a musician.


My soul is composed by these ingredients.

Blended by creativity.

Touched by spiritual energy.


There’s so much more than meets the eye.

If we look within,

look around past the physical boundaries.


The consciousness will come,

as long as the window to the soul is open.


This soul food will nourish me.

But only if I give it access to my heart.


This is my journey.

My life.

And I choose to eat from this kitchen.




  1. I love the way you talk about the arts being your "soul food." That's a unique way of looking at these parts of life that nourish our souls the way food nourishes our bodies. Great job!

  2. The metaphors in this piece are very refreshing, because they connect with the heart of an artist- it is the idea that we 'eat' what we write, and live from our art. It is rhythmic piece with a lot of musical energy.